We have created amazing aviation people!

I’m very glad I chose New Zealand Airline Academy for my flight training. I started my training in 2018 when the school was very new. I was thoroghly impressed by the quality offered to us. We flew a modern fleet of Tecnam aircraft with state-of-the-art Garmin G#X touch screens and were provided with an ipad. This made our flying much safer and more fun.

The airport & airspace was uncontrolled, offering us the freedom to fly whenever we wanted without any restrictions. The strategic location of the airport also made us better pilots by exposing us to different weather conditions and helped improve our decision making. The academy was understanding of our needs by providing us with an amazing hostel facility named Aviator’s Place. We had delicious cooked food provided, we didn’t have to do the dishes, our rooms were cleaned by the cleaners and our linen was washed for us as well. Hence, I was able to focus only on my training without any hassles.

I also have to thank Celroy sir for the sound IFR knowledge. His method of teaching is simple yet very effective. The IFR knowledge combined with the simulator sessions being held in a 737-800 helps us understand how airliners handle and become airline-ready than any other flying school can ever offer.

Yuvarajan Saravanamoorthy
First Officer - Vistara Airlines

New Zealand Airline Academy provided me with a complete package of flight training, one of the most advanced fleets equipped with touchscreen glass cockpits and with dedicated instructors so that I could achieve the ultimate learning experience in the challenging weather and terrain conditions of New Zealand.

Safety was always top priority, and the prefect condition of aircraft ensured my learning was never hindered. On bad weather days, instructors sat with us so we could improve on various ground subjects.

After a long flight, all you want is good food. Aviators Place provided me with high quality food and a nice room to rest and prepare for next day. Aviators Place had a dedicated room for flight planning which ensured I was well prepared.

There were many other facilities such as indoor gym, pool table, table tennis, PS4, etc so we could play and have a relaxed day off. Comfortable individual rooms with all amenities ensured we were well rested before flight.

Vidit Prajapati
Pilot-Air India

Throughout my pilot training I have seen the New Zealand Airline Academy grow in every aspect. Our school has always provided us with more than what’s required in all aspects, which I appreciate a lot.

They keep tweaking the aircraft with latest technology to provide us with the best experience in terms of knowledge and safety.

NZAAL Staff were always approachable which made learning easier. I am grateful to all the instructors for being so kind always.

I admire NZAAL and its owners for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream.

Shreyas Palve
Pilot - Air Asia India

One of the best choices I made was choosing to train in a state-of-the-art aircraft with a glass cockpit. I was able to do so with the New Zealand Airline Academy. It made my flying experience really smooth and a really good transition for the future.

The school and the instructors will help you every step of the way to ensure that you have the knowledge and skill set to progress through each step of your training. Also, needless to say, you’ll be training with the school that has the most advanced fleet of aircraft which will definitely make your training experience worthwhile and your transition into bigger aircraft in the future seamless.

Vaomaran Rumthao
Commercial Pilot

Training at NZAAL not only gave me the knowledge and skills on how to handle and operate an aircraft but also gave me the opportunity to harness skills which go a long way in life.

Aircraft were equipped with the most top end technology and were routinely updated with newer ones. It was unbelievable to see the safety standards that could be maintained by these aircraft and would give a confidence boost when we would go for our solo flights, especially on cross country flights where we would go to various destinations away from our base.

The instructors were very professional and were always around to help with any doubts that we had. The staff was very transparent in their operations, we always had the opportunity to discuss any problem openly, messages were never left ignored and I personally felt very comfortable when I would talk to any of the staff.

There was no such day as a day off due to bad weather, we went to school regularly according to our roster and I would actually look forward to such days as it would give us the opportunity to discuss doubts and have group discussions on various topics.

Flying in New Zealand was an experience unforgettable, the views of various landscapes felt like they had been pulled out of a movie scene, the Air Traffic Controllers were very friendly, professional and gave a good opportunity for students to realise what we could expect in the future as airline pilots and the level of professionalism required.

Aviator’s Place was one of the closest places which I could call home, the food would be served hot and rooms would be regularly cleaned, we had a coffee station where we would all meet almost every evening, one could not feel lonely or away from home.

I’m very grateful that I had an opportunity to train at such a professional institute and being a student who has seen the organisation grow I really appreciate the whole staff for maintaining such high standards due to which I will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Aayush Jaiswal
Commercial Pilot

Soon after finishing high school, my only aim was to become a pilot and complete my training as soon as possible. There were many flying schools around the globe, but NZAAL was the one which my familv and I thought was the best for me; not only for the training but also for a friendly environment we had over there. I am glad that I pursued my training from NZAAL as my fellow students were friendly and above all, the instructors used to go out of their way to help us and not just for matters related to flying but also helped us to adjust to the environment.

The hostel there was also good. They made us feel like we were at home even when we were 7,434 miles away. The most relieving part was that we did not have to worry about cooking or cleaning after coming back from long and tiring flights. We were always served with freshly cooked meals which helped us focus more on our studies. We were trained on one of the best fleet of aircraft and latest technologies were used, which gave us an insight into what airline cockpits look like. We were always taught to uphold high standards, not just up in the sky but everything in life which today has not only improved my flying skills but has helped me in my personal life as well.

Dhruv Singla
First Officer - Akasa Air

I cannot imagine having trained for my pilot’s license anywhere but NZAAL. The training provided a lot of challenges and new perspectives. The high-quality instructors are friendly, motivating and are truly committed to their students beyond the scheduled lesson times – always accessible and have a true gift for explaining concepts in a clear

understandable manner. Even on a day if there are no flights due to weather, instructors sit with the students going through groundwork and discuss doubts. NZAAL has a modern fleet of

aircraft and equipment to aid instruction. That combined with an amazing maintenance team on site, one was always in a reliable and modern aircraft. When it comes to hostel, I am picky, but I really enjoyed my stay in Aviator’s Place. I was very impressed with the neat comfortable rooms, delicious food, helpful and welcoming staff.

Aviator’s place felt very family-like which made me feel at ease at all times. This is indeed a place you do not want to leave.

I highly recommend this school for anyone seeking a career in aviation.

Abhishek Biradar
Commercial Pilot

It was a blessing in disguise to go to NZAA as my visa for Canada got rejected. My friends who had gone to Canada are still stuck there, whereas I have completed my conversion and got my Indian Commercial Pilot License. It was a great experience training in brand new state-of-the-art aircraft with highly qualified, friendly, and experienced instructors. The serene views of New Zealand from above were the cherry on the cake to such wonderful training. I thank NZAA for the training and support which will be cherished forever.

Shray Dawer
A320 -Commercial Pilot

Hello, I’m Aditya from Mumbai. I worked as a software engineer in an MNC prior to stepping into the wonderful field of aviation to become a pilot, which was a childhood dream. During my DGCA exams preparation, I looked for the best flying schools around the globe. That’s when I came across the New Zealand Airline Academy. I was highly impressed with the high standards of training, modern glass cockpit fleet, instructor to student ratio & both the owners of the school were Indians & pilots as well & were well versed with DGCA requirements.

Furthermore, the biggest plus point was the hostel which was taken care of by the academy itself at Aviator’s Place. I decided to go ahead with NZAA for my training. After reaching NZ, my training began swiftly, and the CFI used to personally track individual’s progress and work on their weaknesses.

It was a family-like environment for the entire period I stayed in NZ. Being a vegetarian, I was initially skeptical about the food, but the hostel staff never let us feel homesick; healthy and good quality vegetarian food was always provided.

Training on glass cockpit aircraft was a great and enriching learning experience. Instructors were experienced and did their job exceedingly well and all the instructors played a big role in imparting their experiences & knowledge, which made me a seasoned and skilled pilot & which eventually helped me clear my flight tests smoothly. I will cherish my days at NZAA as it not only made me a good pilot but a better individual too. I recommend all the aspiring pilots to join New Zealand Airline Academy for their flight training without a second thought and the management will guide you till you reach the airline cockpit.

Aditya Joshi
Commercial Pilot

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return”.

This is especially true if you have done so from the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. Towering snow-capped peaks, mesmerising fords, breath-taking valleys, luscious paddocks of green and well-defined coastlines are what catches your peripheral vision every single time you call out “Rotate” and the wings lift you off the ground and you see more blue out on the windscreen.

To further enhance this experience, is within the hands of the flight school and I must say the New Zealand Airline Academy does exactly this. Be prepared to enter into a state of euphoria when you couple all of what I said above, with world-class training with some of the best instructors whose knowledge knows no bounds and aircraft equipped with technology, which could even have jetliners flying for their money.

The student hostel Aviator’s Place has you covered with cozy rooms with attached bathrooms, delicious meals, a common study, a snooker-cum-ping pong room and a lifetime of fond memories.

To add to the icing on an already scrumptious cake, are the people behind who transform all of this fantasy into reality. My fellow crew, the staff and the management themselves who truly went the extra mile, made me feel at home and be part of an ever-expanding family.

At last, when all of this is aft of you and you are ready to track back home, you cannot help the choking sensation you feel down your throat when you catch one last glimpse of the academy. These memories will forever be cherished wherever I am.


Don’t think, just Do It and Do It Right!

Vishal Vijayakumar
Pilot - Air Asia India

Do it right! Just as the motto says, New Zealand Airline Academy has been the best decision I made. Right from being trained on the latest technologically advanced fleet to getting the best instructors to be able deliver the best designed training.

We were always given an opportunity to explore, and be better.

The NZAA fleet has full glass cockpit, which gave us exposure to modern airliners would work and MCC course helped us with get first-hand experience. The technology on board always gave us the confidence to fly over terrain over the country and always provided the best situational awareness.

Being a good pilot has a lot to do with good airmanship and decision-making. At the academy we were trained to do exactly this. This skill did help us during our conversion flying back in India and we always had this mentioned during our debrief. NZAA not only taught us to fly but also groomed us to be more disciplined in preparing for a flight and always being on time.

Hostel accommodation at Aviator’s Place made sure we were always well taken care of, fed and rested to be able to perform to the best of our abilities.

Even though the academy had 80 students when I started, there was never a day when I did not get a chance to fly. In fact I flew more than one flight per day. Every student was equally prioritized, and the Head of Training personally looks into everyone’s progress, which is quite rare at other flying schools. I never had anything to complain about and have always been thankful for the opportunity to train at the best flying school under the best experienced mentorship.

I’ve made a lot of good memories and returned back one step closer to my dream thanks to the New Zealand Airline Academy.

Praneeth Arem
A320-Commercial Pilot

Flying is all about your personal excitement and experience, and the training experience you have during flight school will determine your relationship with flying for the rest of your life.

Choosing a flight school is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, and I can safely say that NZAAL was a wonderful experience. The fantastic instructors at NZAAL further made the entire experience remarkable. I joined the school in September 2019 took me about a year to complete my CPL course. Each instructor was very knowledgeable and would go the extra mile to help you. Much emphasis was given to maintaining high standards whilst prioritizing safety. The aircraft that we trained on were relatively new and were equipped with the latest tech and safety features. In addition to the excellent facilities at school, NZAAL made sure we had a comfortable stay and student life in the hostel, Aviator’s Place. The management was always approachable and open to feedback. From just 2 aircraft to 10 in 3 years is a huge achievement and is an indication that they’re doing it right.


If you aspire to be a professional pilot, I recommend you join NZAAL, and I hope you have as good a time as I did and make beautiful memories. As an added bonus, cross-country flying in NZ will be the most scenic flying experience you’ll ever have in your life!

Vinay Chandrasekar
Pilot-Air India

My dream of becoming a pilot started when I was 6 years old as that was the first time, I felt the exhilarating feeling of flying and the ones who made that dream come true were the instructors and staffs of New Zealand Airline Academy. All the instructors are friendly, and they all hold you to a standards higher than your own expectations and they’ll make sure everyone reaches that standard. What made the flying experience even more amazing was the scenery. It was as beautiful as the wonders of the world.

Overall, I had a great experience and I’m glad I chose New Zealand Airline Academy

Vaghul Rangarajan
Pilot- Blue Dart Aviation

When I decided to do my flight training, my education agent suggested that I should go to New Zealand and do my training with Celroy. I’m really glad I made this decision. Celroy was extremely patient with all questions I had. He would take the time to explain and answer any questions I had for him. He always said “No question is a dumb question in aviation” and encouraged me to learn more and ask more. He ensured that all students including me, finished their training in the quoted flying hours. Exceeding flying hours can blow the budget quite fast. But Celroy maintained high standards throughout and this ensured we were fully prepared for our tests at all times; hence saving us time & money while ensuring that we completed our training at a very high standard.

Muhammad Haziq Hanifah
Simulator Instructor - Malaysia

I began my flight training in India and then continued in New Zealand. After many delays and setbacks, I finally heard about Celroy through word of mouth and recommendations from other students. Thanks to him, I completed my training in a timely manner and got my licence converted quickly as well. Celroy is very knowledgable on the licence conversion process and I converted my licence without any issues. After completing the licence conversion process and getting my Indian CPL, I went back to Celroy for my multi engine and IFR training. The concepts he taught me in the simulator and aeroplane helped me understand IFR very well. His teaching methods helped me understand even difficult concepts with ease. Airline flying is all about multi engine and IFR flying. Celroy’s teachings made it easy for me to pass the airline assessment process and my type rating. I recommend any student wanting to do their PPL, CPL, IR and Multi Engine training to contact Celroy. You will learn well, complete your training in a timely manner and not have any issues during the licence conversion process.

Capt. Kaushik Yadav
First Officer - Indigo

Celroy is a fantastic instructor who puts his trainees at ease with his caring and friendly nature. I completed my Multi-Engine Instrument Rating under Celroy’s supervision a year ago.He makes great efforts to get the ideas across to his trainees in an interesting way, and he makes sure that the student fully understands the lessons. Most importantly, he treats his trainees with respect and approaches them as an individual. Celroy’s excellent instructing skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my aviation journey.

Thank you for being a remarkable instructor.

Sonia Kashef

I completed my Commercial Pilot Licence training from a major flying school in New Zealand. After that I wanted to complete with Multi Engine Instrument Rating and Instructor Rating. I made a few enquiries and heard about Celroy. I heard that he was an amazing teacher who covered all basics and prepared his students to fly IFR on any routes; not just certain routes in order to pass the flight tests. Thanks to him, I am very confident with flying IFR from and to any airport. I found the simulator assessment and type rating process an absolute breeze thanks to the solid IFR skills I learnt from Celroy. If you are serious about learning to understand rather than learning to pass, then I suggest that you learn from the best.

Capt.Srujan Raj Dhandu
Captain - Indigo

“In March 2017 I made the decision to do an instructors rating in New Zealand under the guidance of Celroy as the CFI. Whilst working full time I gained the rating in 4 months in a very well planned out course. I was trained well above standard, and In doing so I was able to keep it as cost effective as possible. As Celroy said “if you can’t teach at 0kts, you can’t teach at 100kts”. I was fortunate enough to get countless hours of tutoring working on my teaching skills, and in doing so I delivered a CPL Principles of Flight class to put my knowledge to use. I passed my flight test the first time, which was achieved because of the support and dedication my instructors gave me over the 4 months. Once I went on to instruct, I was constantly supervised under Celroy ensuring my learning didn’t stop the day I passed my flight test. I highly recommend doing an instructors rating under Celroy’s guidance.”

Stephen Kelly
First Officer-Air New Zealand