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  • There are two options to paying the fees upon receiving the Offer of place letter:
  • 1. Students can pay the program fees into the Public Trust account. The School will provide students with the fee receipt as soon as their fees are received. The fee receipt needs to be attached to their student visa application.
  • 2. Students can apply for their student visa without paying the fee. Once their visa is ‘Approved in Principle’ (AIP) students can pay the fees from the same source that was shown on their visa application. The School will send the fee receipt as soon as the funds are received into the Public Trust account.
  • Immigration NZ requires students to pay the 1st year fees in full. In this case, as the course is for one-year, the student will have to pay the entire fees.
  • New Zealand has an excellent system to protect monies of international students. All fees paid by the students go directly to the Public Trust account, as required by NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority).
  • The School provides students with a monthly account statement based on their progress.
  • Students have to verify if the account statement is correct and sign on the account form (called the ‘milestone form’).
  • This form is then sent to Public Trust, who will release the funds for the previous month to the School.
  • In the event of the School closing down and unable to deliver the program, students will have the option to withdraw all the unused funds from the Public Trust and return to their home country or transfer to another provider to continue their studies.
  • Never will a situation arise wherein the student loses his/her fee, similar to what happens in other countries.
  • Students can withdraw from the program anytime but will be charged for all the flying, theory classes and materials used. However, if a student withdraws before the start date of the program he/she will be refunded the entire course fee, except an admin fee of NZ$500.
  • There are 3 different medicals that students will undergo before starting the program
  • 1. Class 1 & 2 medicals of Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ)- Students will have to be Class 1 ‘FIT’ if they wish to pursue CPL and Class 2 ‘FIT’ if they wish to get their PPL. There are some overseas doctors who are approved by CAANZ and students can get their medicals done in-country before arriving in New Zealand. Please click here for a list of CAANZ approved overseas examiners.(Click here for more info)
  • 2. Class 1 medicals from your home country – we strongly suggest that students complete their Class 1 medicals from their home country and are ‘FIT’ as they will go back to work in their home country.
  • 3. Immigration NZ medicals – This is required for students to apply for their student visa, and can be done with any of the Immigration NZ approved medical centre. (Click here for more info)
  • Yes, NZAAL provides students boarding & lodging at their student accommodation based in Oamaru town, 15 kilometres from the airport. Each student is provided with an independent ensuite room. The rooms are fully furnished, with bed, mattress, study table, chair and wardrobe. Rates would include internet, basic power, breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.
  • Yes, a van service between the accommodation and the airport will be provided at fixed times. However, students are welcome to make their own travel arrangement, if they wish to.
  • Students can use their existing valid driving licence from their home country. This would be valid for a year from their first entry into New Zealand. Students to refer to the following link to check on validity: (Click here for more info)
  • We strongly suggest that students read the Road Code before they start driving in New Zealand.(Click here for more info)
  • Part-time work eligibility is authorised by Immigration NZ and if a student’s visa condition permits, they can work for a total of 20 hours per week.
  • There are no hidden costs. Students are provided with a list of what is covered in the fees. But given that pilot training is a skill acquiring program, learning styles vary from student to student. If a student fly’s additional hours on the aircraft or has failed a theory test, additional flying costs or re-sit fees would apply.


New Zealand Airline Academy is located in the airport terminal of Oamaru Airport in the Waitaki region.

Oamaru is the third largest town in the Otago region and considered a heritage town because of its more than 80 heritage buildings. It is also a tourist attraction for the little blue penguin, which has an allocated area suitable for breeding and conservation.

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