About Us

About Us

On a mission to empower new generation aviation professionals

New Zealand Airline Academy, established by aviation professionals have more than three decades of experience helping international students chose the right program and training. The management team consists of people who have done extensive research before choosing New Zealand for their own training.

Keeping in mind the huge growth in the field of aviation and the demand for quality pilots, they have been sub-contracted to deliver Commercial Pilot Training for International students by National Trade Academy. Established in January 2000 the National Trade Academy is registered as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.

NTA is Category One Provider based in Christchurch and delivers a range of education & training to a variety of sectors for both domestic and international students. NTA also has an English Language Academy for international students. (http://nta.co.nz/).

Pilot Training, Aviation School
Pilot Training, Aviation School

Our Mission & Vision


To be one of the world’s leading airline training solution’s provider.


The mission of New Zealand Airline Academy is to educate and train ethically strong next-generation aviation professionals to be global leaders in the industry; to be highly conscious of safety and security, and strive for success.


New Zealand, a beautiful country in the Southern Hemisphere, with a population of 4.5 million making it one of the least populated countries in the world. Known for its picturesque landscape, clean atmosphere and very friendly people, it has been rated the least corrupt country in the world for several years in a row.

History of New Zealand’s Aviation

Inventors of powered flight even before Wright Brothers

New Zealand has been a pioneer in the aviation sector. Several months before the first flight of the Wright Brothers, Richard William Pearse from Timaru, a town close to our school, undertook the first powered flight.

The First pilot school was established more than 100 years back

The first pilot school was established in 1915 and more than 100 pilots were trained to be deployed during the First World War. Vivian Walsh was the first pilot to receive the Aviation certificate of NZ on 13th July 1916.

Importers of the first aircraft from Boeing

The Boeing aircraft that was first ever exported came to New Zealand.

Why should you choose New Zealand for pilot training?

Robust flight training syllabus

New Zealand training syllabus includes sessions both in practice and theory. Mountain flying is part of our PPL and CPL training. We also have a minimum of 400+ hours of theory classes.

Open skies for general aviation

Most part of New Zealand is open for general aviation flying and enables students to not only enjoy the open skies but the scenic beauty of New Zealand from above.

Both geographically and meteorologically suitable for pilot training

Good airmanship comes through exposure to different weather patterns and geographical setting and this is exactly what New Zealand offers to its aviation trainees.