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New Zealand Airline Academy specializes in Private Pilot Traning and Commercial Pilot Training. We are the best aviation and flight school in the world.

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On a mission to empower new generation aviation professionals

New Zealand Airline Academy, established by aviation professionals have more than three decades of experience helping international students chose the right program and training. The management team consists of people who have done extensive research before choosing New Zealand for their own training.

Keeping in mind the huge growth in the field of aviation and the demand for quality pilots, they have been sub-contracted to deliver Commercial Pilot Training for International students by National Trade Academy. Established in January 2000 the National Trade Academy is registered as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.

NTA is Category One Provider based in Christchurch and delivers a range of education & training to a variety of sectors for both domestic and international students. NTA also has an English Language Academy for international students. (http://nta.co.nz/).

Pilot Training, Aviation School
Pilot Training, Aviation School


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NZAAL - Best Pilot Training Academy in New Zealand

Experienced Trainers

Aviation professionals with decades of experience training international students.

NZAAL - Best Pilot Training Academy in New Zealand

Vibrant Environment

Located in the airport terminal of Oamaru airport in the Waitaki region

NZAAL - Best Pilot Training Academy in New Zealand


A fleet of brand new technologically advanced aircraft delivering hours equivalent to a fleet of 40+ aircraft.

NZAAL - Best Pilot Training Academy in New Zealand

Safety First

Highly safety and security conscious, striving for success.




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Our Directors

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to produce the best pilots.

  • Jonathan Manuel

    Jonathan Manuel

    CEO / Director

    Jonathan is a sales and marketing professional from Chennai, India. Over a span of fifteen years, he worked for several iconic brands before embarking on his life’s passion into aviation.

    He trained towards his Commercial Pilot Licence in New Zealand. Upon completion of his CPL, he worked for one of the largest flight training organisations in NZ and went on to work for NZ’s national airline – Air New Zealand.

    He has been actively promoting NZ’s training capabilities to the global audience for the last 15 years. His endeavours have helped gain airline training contracts and aided flight schools in NZ to be certificated by overseas aviation regulators.

    Jonathan has served on the board of Christchurch Educated to aid in the post-earthquake recovery of international education in Canterbury, and is currently serving on the board of India NZ Business Council. He has been recently chosen by the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs as a Board ready Director.

    Drawing on his own experience of being run over by a bus, being given up for dead and now perusing his dreams, Jonathan passionately motivates youngsters to achieve their true potential in life.

  • Celroy Mascarenhas

    Celroy Mascarenhas

    Head of Training / Chief Flying Instructor / Director

    Celroy Mascarenhas is originally from Mumbai in India and has called New Zealand home for the past 15 years. He is an experienced instructor who specialises in training international students. His teaching techniques are simple and effective, making him popular amongst international students. Celroy believes in the concept of "learning to understand" rather than "learning to pass exams". He firmly believes that students who learn to understand will enjoy aviation a lot better and a positive outcome will be outstanding exam results.

    In addition to this, Celroy is well versed with licence conversion processes that international students have to follow when they return home. This is greatly appreciated by students as any mistakes made during the licence conversion process can be expensive ones. Celroy is the only Director and Head of Training in New Zealand that has pilot licences in New Zealand as well as India. He has been able to build close relationships and partnerships with the flight training industry in India.

    With Celroy as the Director and Head of Training at the New Zealand Airline Academy, students can be rest assured that they are in the best hands.

    Have a look at what Celroy's students have to say on the Students Speak section of our website.

See What Our Students Say!

Read the testimonials to see what our students speak

    • New Zealand Airline Academy provided me with a complete package of flight training, one of the most advanced fleets equipped with touchscreen glass cockpits and with dedicated instructors so that I could achieve the ultimate learning experience in the challenging weather and terrain conditions of New Zealand.

      Safety was always top priority, and the prefect condition of aircraft ensured my learning was never hindered. On bad weather days, instructors sat with us so we could improve on various ground subjects.

      After a long flight, all you want is good food. Aviators Place provided me with high quality food and a nice room to rest and prepare for next day. Aviators Place had a dedicated room for flight planning which ensured I was well prepared.

      There were many other facilities such as indoor gym, pool table, table tennis, PS4, etc so we could play and have a relaxed day off. Comfortable individual rooms with all amenities ensured we were well rested before flight.

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      Vidit Prajapati
      Pilot-Air India
      NZAAL (New Zealand Airline Academy) is the best aviation and flight school in the world.
    • Throughout my pilot training I have seen the New Zealand Airline Academy grow in every aspect. Our school has always provided us with more than what’s required in all aspects, which I appreciate a lot.

      They keep tweaking the aircraft with latest technology to provide us with the best experience in terms of knowledge and safety.

      NZAAL Staff were always approachable which made learning easier. I am grateful to all the instructors for being so kind always.

      I admire NZAAL and its owners for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream.

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      Shreyas Palve
      Pilot - Air Asia India
      NZAAL (New Zealand Airline Academy) is the best aviation and flight school in the world.
    • One of the best choices I made was choosing to train in a state-of-the-art aircraft with a glass cockpit. I was able to do so with the New Zealand Airline Academy. It made my flying experience really smooth and a really good transition for the future.

      The school and the instructors will help you every step of the way to ensure that you have the knowledge and skill set to progress through each step of your training. Also, needless to say, you’ll be training with the school that has the most advanced fleet of aircraft which will definitely make your training experience worthwhile and your transition into bigger aircraft in the future seamless.

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      Vaomaran Rumthao
      Commercial Pilot
    • “In March 2017 I made the decision to do an instructors rating in New Zealand under the guidance of Celroy as the CFI. Whilst working full time I gained the rating in 4 months in a very well planned out course. I was trained well above standard, and In doing so I was able to keep it as cost effective as possible. As Celroy said “if you can’t teach at 0kts, you can’t teach at 100kts”. I was fortunate enough to get countless hours of tutoring working on my teaching skills, and in doing so I delivered a CPL Principles of Flight class to put my knowledge to use. I passed my flight test the first time, which was achieved because of the support and dedication my instructors gave me over the 4 months. Once I went on to instruct, I was constantly supervised under Celroy ensuring my learning didn’t stop the day I passed my flight test. I highly recommend doing an instructors rating under Celroy’s guidance.”

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      Stephen Kelly
      First Officer-Air New Zealand
      NZAAL (New Zealand Airline Academy) is the best aviation and flight school in the world.
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